Biography Note

Ken Weissblum

Ken Weissblum was born in New York (1946) and has his studio there now.

Just as a painter combines different elements to tell a story, through advanced digital imaging techniques, Ken Weissblum has been able to blend two traditional photographic subjects: figures and landscapes. He calls the results of the process Metaphotography. His vision leads him to create environmental nudes where the background is more than a supporting backdrop. In his work the figure comes to life within its own world.

The influences on his work are varied. The Dutch Masters’ use of light inspires him to search for unique ways to bring illumination to his subjects. The unconscious style of the Surrealists encourages him to strive to shape his own fantasies into pictorial dream-like realities. By combining the primal forms of nudes with graphical elements in landscapes, he discovers new juxtapositions of shapes, textures, light and shadows to create images heretofore unforeseen.

He has learned his craft through self-education and occasional study with established photographers, both privately and in workshops. His training as a psychoanalyst not only fosters is creativity; it helps him to work intuitively with models. Instead of forcing them into his concepts, he works with their personalities, ideas and interests and recognizes them as true collaborators. His favorite models are those with formal dance training.

Ken Weissblum
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New York, NY, 10010, USA
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