Biography Note

Mark Godsell-Fletcher

Born in Nottingham in 1972, Mark has developed
his visual language and perception of colour, form
and texture from an early age by seeing the world
with a keen imagination and through the lens of a
camera. His background education in graphics,
fashion, product, furniture and interior design has
all been a founding influence upon his formal
concerns of spatial awareness, composition, interaction
and changing moods – an integral part of his current
practice. Yet in terms of formal fine art training he
remains self-taught, wishing to experiment and
discover his own interpretations of art, to work
intuitively, making and breaking rules of practice.
This not only keeps his work fresh and unique but
enables him to concentrate on his primary aim of
merging the boundaries between fine art and photography.

These works are an ongoing journey of process
and discovery through unfamiliar territory, where
questions arise, but the answers must be felt rather
than defined. In aiming to blur the established
boundaries of art practices they can be explained
neither as a painting or a photograph in the traditional
sense, yet they draw on themes from both – they
encapsulate the fluidity of paint with the stillness of
the frame, to capture a moment in time.
Each piece grows intuitively and the result is an
interaction of colour and form, of purity and light giving
a certain sense of atmosphere, emotion and being.
Unlike other photographic images, the original scene
is destroyed – there is no place or reference point that
one can return to as the origin of the piece no longer
exists. The viewer is then drawn into the image and
invited to continue the journey for themselves.

September 2001- “400 miles group”, Celtic park, Glasgow
October 2001- Modern British artists at Gothenburg, Sweden
December 2001 – Neo Art contemporary, Nottingham
January 2002 – EMDA promotions at Media, Nottingham
February 2002 – DWF corporate event, Liverpool
April 2002 – “Spring Exhibition”, Catto Contemporary, London
May/June 2002 – “Picturesque”, Phillips Contemporary, Manchester
June 2002 – Phillips Contemporary at AAF, Bristol
July/August 2002 – Cantaloupe restaurant, London
September 2002 – Focus Gallery, Nottingham
September 2002 – “Open Art Exhibition”, Castle Museum
Art Gallery, Nottingham
Oct/Nov 2002 – Phillips Contemporary at AAF, New York City, USA