Biography Note

Marcel van Balken

Marcel van Balken (1958) has been a photographer in the Netherlands for about 25 years and his work has won many awards, both nationally as well as internationally.
Through the use of sophisticated darkroom (and later digital) techniques, I’am able to produce all kinds of special effects. For the images in this portfolio I does not used any digital manipulation but everything is done in the traditional way by camera and darkroom. As a photographer I’am interested in specific themes as you can see in my galllery ‘Photure Image Gallery’ (
I won more than 350 awards, prices and acceptations over the whole world. In 1997 I became the status of EFIAP (Excellence Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique). Alongside the awards and exhibitions there have been more than 100 publications of my work in several magazines, newspapers and books including Focus, FOTO, Foto Creativ/FotoColor, Kodak Image 2000, Photograpy Yearbook 1996 + 1999 etc.