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Don Unwin

Don Unwin

I didn't get serious about photography until 4 years ago when, at my wife's suggestion, I submitted 4 slides to a juried art show in Birmingham, Michigan. I was not only accepted but I also sold the photograph for $150. I figured that if I could make a picture which someone would pay for when I didn't know anything at all about photography,maybe I should try to learn more.
Shortly thereafter, I joined a camera club, and to my dismay, the very same image not only didn't get accepted but it received one of the lowest scores I've ever seen in camera club competitions. Obviously, the fine art juror and my buyer didn't know a good photograph when they saw one.
I started to compete in color slide and nature slide club competitions using my Pentax 35 mm camera. About a year and a half ago, I really got serious and bought a Mamiya 645 system. I got the works - even a 500 mm lens. But I found the weight of the Mamiya system more than I wanted to handle so I sold the entire outfit and bought a Canon System with an EOS 3 body which I only used for 2 or 3 months when I purchased a Canon D30 digital body. After using the D30 for about 6 weeks, I sold the EOS 3. The only time I use a film camera now is to make slides of my wife's watercolor paintings and I also make slides from my prints for color slide and nature slide competitions. Our web site is

My present system includes the Canon D-60, the EOS Rebel 2000, a 17-35 mm lens, a 28-135 mm AF IS lens, a 100 mm macro lens with the macro rim light flash attachment, a 100-400 mm AF IS lens and the Speedlite 550 EX flash unit. I also have the 1.4 and 2.0 extenders. I use Photoshop to edit my images and an Epson 1280 printer to print them.
In recent competitions I have won: 1st Place Trophy, Greater Detroit Camera Club Council, 2000 Color Slide Invitational; The Digital Print of the Year Trophy, Greater Detroit Camera Club Council; Judges Choice Medal for Best Photograph by a Michigan Photographer in the 67th Detroit International Salon of Photography - 2000; and the Best of Show Medal, 2001 Photographic Society of America's International Contemporary Club Slide Competition. One of my images was used for the cover of the November, 2001 issue of The Michigan State Bar Journal and two of my images were featured in Carolyn Vosburg Hall's "Photo Art & Craft" published in 2001 - ISBN # 0-87341-972-3.
I am the proud father of Susan, Laura, David, Carol and Diana, the proud father-in-law of Greg and Angelo, and the very proud grandfather of Olivia, Angelo, Evan and James.


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